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We are pleased to be able to help in areas that can be complex and time-consuming.
+ Broadband
Eclipse Internet are our preferred ISP (Internet Service Provider) . They are UK based with a UK helpdesk, and provide a level of service which is lacking from many large impersonal ISPs. They offer home and business broadband, and other services (click on logo below).

+ Domain registration and management.
With each domain name having different expiry dates and with country registries periodically asking for validation, it can be challenging keeping up with the necessary work. Any lapse can lead to third parties (e.g. competitors or ex-employees) acquiring your website name or to register similar names. We will manage this for you and keep your on-line assets secure. We can configure your DNS to suit your File, Exchange or Sharepoint servers.

+ Email troubleshooting.
An inceasing amount of our time is identifying the cause of email delivery problems and configuring whitelists and blacklists, and advising customers who may be unsure whether certain emails are genuine or malicous, or spam.

+ Website design.
We offer a personal service which is tailored to your needs and budget.