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We have met a lot of people and companies in the past 22 years and a common requirement has been value for money and reliability, backed up by knowing that we are always there to help if there's ever a problem. Every person has subtle differences in what they are looking for and part of our role is to, when required, explain the technology in plain English and weigh up the pros and cons of each option. Because we don't have large store overheads we are able to supply at very competitive prices.

Customers have chosen us for personal computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, iPads and MacBooks, network attached storage and File Servers. Networking components include modem routers, switches and wireless access, and other ancilliaries include printers and usb drives.





+ Supply computers, laptops, Apple, servers, printers and monitors etc.
+ Setup and Test. Hardware is extensively tested e.g memory, hard disks, DVD burners, USB ports, wired and wireless networking, webcams etc., the Windows/Mac OS is updated and sofware is installed. Systems are then cleaned up and optimised, and security and product updates are installed so that the computer is ready for use.
+ Windows Server including Small Business (SBS), Exchange and ISA setup and test. The optimum RAM, hard drives and RAID are installed and configured and subjected to prolonged tests so that you may be assured of reliability.

As an Acer partner we have access to special pricing and support from Acer who have become the predominant brand that we supply. Acer equipped the London 2012 Olympic Games : click here for more information about Acer.

Other brands include Hewlett Packard (HP) File Servers, Apple Mac, Sony and Toshiba. Other hardware includes Canon and Brother (Wired and wireless printers and all-in-ones). Network hardware would primarily be Netgear or Linksys (Routers, access points and Network Storage).