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Excellent support is essential. Company downtime is expensive and can impact production or customer service. People working from home need reliable and efficient systems, and even those for whom a PC is a leisure item often pay bills or bank on-line.

To help the speedy diagnosis of problems we maintain a database containing specifications, warranty details and work done. This has proved invaluable in identifying patterns, and even after a burgalry when we could provide the police with model and serial numbers.

Support can be paid quarterly or monthly, or pay as you go. Every customer has different requirements so we tailor support to suit. For those who are unsure we suggest an initial appointment to address the immediate problem and then discuss support. We can help you in various ways:-

+ Visiting your premises.
+ By telephone.
+ Remotely taking over your computer via a secure connection.
+ Bringing your computer to our premises.


Examples of Support we have provided.
+ Installation and implementation.
+ Repairs and upgrades.
+ Virus and malware removal.
+ Slow or unreliable broadband, router or cable faults.
+ Network and Wireless troubleshooting.
+ Backing up data
+ Data recovery.
+ Full recovery back to factory setup.